Product Engineering

The Canine Attic Deployment System is a US Patent Pending System featuring the CLAW. This device is the attachment point of the whole CAD system. We designed the Claw to attach to any 2” factory or rough cut piece of lumber which comprises most attic structures.


The Claw is deployed with a common telescoping pole (like a paint stick) and grips the wood. We have tested this Claw with well over 500 pounds of weight plates without fail! We designed attachment holes into the Claw for adding things such as cameras, lights, or any other tech the officer may need to use. 


With the Claw comes the rest of the patent pending Canine Attic Deployment System which joins a dog’s harness to the claw enabling the canine handler to lift the dog up and into an attic from a tactical point on the ground.

How It Works

First In has developed a simple to use, tactical system which will enable a handler to safely deploy their dogs into an attic with minimal tactical exposure and without having to risk back injuries from lifting a dog into these hard to reach spaces.


Additionally, the system allows you to easily extract the dog from an attic, reducing the risk of injury the handler and the dog. Our system is being used in numerous states in the US and in Canada with great success!


 The handler simply attaches the CAD system to a lifting ring on the dog’s harness. Using a telescoping pole, the Claw is deployed and attaches to a wooden rafter in the attic’s joist system. The dog is then raised using a lifting rope. Once he clears the attic opening, a release line is pulled, freeing him from the CAD system and allowing him to search and/or apprehend a suspect. The handler does this from the ground and can be at a distance and behind cover depending on what the situation demands.


The handler can safely go into the attic when it is appropriate. Once the dog has finished working, the handler can use the CAD system to gently lower the dog back to the ground.

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