Q) Is it just for patrol dogs?
A) No. The system is perfect for lifting and lowering any working dog. Whether you're searching for evidence or a suspect or you are engaged in a search and rescue operation, the system will safely raise and then lower your dog.

Q) How high can I attach the claw?
A) The system comes with over 90 feet of 5/8" rope, so using both sets of pulleys, you can reach about 18 feet above you. You are only limited by the length of the pole you are using.

Q) What sized board can the claw fit on?
A) Any standard 2x4,2x6,... that makes up the joist system in almost all attics in the US and abroad.

Q) What size/kind of pole should I get?
A)  While we do not furnish the poles, they are inexpensive and can be bought at most hardware stores. Any extendable paint pole with a threaded end will work. The pole I use has a hexagon extension and a pin that locks the pole in place. They can be purchased for just over $20.

Q) How much weight will it hold?
A) In testing, I have lifted and held 520lbs of weight plates from a 2x6. We then tested the claw with 1500 lbs. of hydraulic pressure.   At this weight, the board started to splinter, but the claw did not fail.

Q) How much training does it take?
A) Usually after the first time with a decoy or odor source with reward the dog picks it up. On our product video, the dogs used were videoed on their first or second time going up.

Q) How fast can I get my dog up into an attic?
A) You can easily deploy your dog from the ground into the attic in about 10 seconds.

Q) After purchasing the system, what else will I need to buy in order to effectively use the canine attic deployment system?
A) After receiving this system, all you need is a good working dog with a harness and a pole with a threaded end.

Q) How much does the system weigh?
A) The system comes complete in a black utility bag and weighs less than 10 pounds, making it easy to store in the trunk of your car.

Q) Where else can I go for assistance with my canine attic deployment system?
A) We have step-by-step instructions in a PDF format on the website. There are also videos showing this system at use. We are also happy to take your phone call anytime and walk you through using the system.  Call me at 502-938-4277 and I will personally walk you through any issue you're having.

Frequently Asked Questions

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