Welcome to First In LLC! Our company was created by veteran K9 and SWAT Officer Eddie Wescott with the goal of providing equpiment for K9 officers to help reduce the risk of injury and death in patrol and detection applications. 


“One of the most dangerous and tactically impossible situations canine officers face, is deploying a dog into an attic. I searched for existing technologies and found nothing to improve our success in these scenarios. I did what I’m sure some officer is doing right now as you read this: I’d carry the dog up the attic ladder and wrestle him into the attic.” 


Officers have been injured and killed in the line of duty attempting to use the very tool trained to keep us safe. The exposure and poor tactics of this method is obvious. There is no possible way to protect yourself or respond to a threat with an 80 pound dog in your arms. The risk of injury to the officer and the dog is enormous AND now it is avoidable with the canine attic deployment system.


Eddie has tested this system in both controlled and tactical environments.



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